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Indoor Rowing Workshop

The aim of this Welsh Rowing workshop is to provide individuals with the correct skills and knowledge in order to deliver safe and effective indoor rowing sessions for all participants.

This will be achieved through the following learning outcomes from the 4 hour workshop:

  • Understand how to set up the rowing machine correctly
  • Understand correct rowing technique and the key points to achieving it
  • Know how to instruct the basics of indoor rowing following British Rowing Technique
  • General maintenance of the indoor rowing machine
  • Awareness of how to progress own knowledge and opportunities in rowing
  • Knowledge of delivering fully inclusive indoor rowing sessions and opportunities


Click here for more details about our Indoor rowing workshop

For those that have attended the Indoor Rowing Workshop the Training Providers Operational Manual is available here.

We aim to meet the demands of our rowing community by arranging workshops where we have demand. You can contact us to arrange a workshop put on at your chosen venue allowing your organisation to fill the course with your chosen coaches and employees.